Follow Us! Kip > Brian

Some days you’re the Bad Luck Brian, some days you’re the Kip….as far as we go, we’re shooting for Kip. And beyond. Big dreams brewing here people. Okay but really, at this point you’re probably wondering what we’re even talking about; well, here it is: we’re hoping our wonderful supporters can do us a favorContinue reading “Follow Us! Kip > Brian”

NRW Rentals — Exciting new service offering coming 2018!

We are excited to announce that come 2018 we will be offering furniture and back drop rentals of some of your favorite reclaimed and rustic pieces! Whether you’re a realtor looking to spruce up your listings, an organization looking to rent tables for an event or a couple looking to add some rustic detailing toContinue reading “NRW Rentals — Exciting new service offering coming 2018!”

Reclaimed Buckstaff Pine Table Top

A custom table top out the door to an awesome customer. This table top is 40″ x 40″ and crafted from reclaimed red pine from Buckstaff, made to fit an existing steel base! #nikolausrusticwoodwork #reclaimedredpine #buckstaffoshkosh #oshkosh #wisconsinwoodworker #smallbusiness #shoplocal #shopsmall  

Two-Tone Farmhouse Dining Set

I was happy to have the opportunity to make this dining room table set for another great family! Also – check out their story on the Team AvaStrong Facebook page. Dining room tables are one of our favorite projects because its a place for families to reconnect after the days get way too busy! ThisContinue reading “Two-Tone Farmhouse Dining Set”