Whitewash Dresser + Chest of Drawers

And that’s a wrap on the whitewash bedroom set! The last two pieces were delivered today, and are going to an awesome family to be showcased in a beautiful home! The final two pieces: a chest of drawers and a 7-drawer dresser were made to match the two night stands, king-size bed frame and theContinue reading “Whitewash Dresser + Chest of Drawers”

Follow Us! Kip > Brian

Some days you’re the Bad Luck Brian, some days you’re the Kip….as far as we go, we’re shooting for Kip. And beyond. Big dreams brewing here people. Okay but really, at this point you’re probably wondering what we’re even talking about; well, here it is: we’re hoping our wonderful supporters can do us a favorContinue reading “Follow Us! Kip > Brian”

Whitewash Nightstands – Whole Bedroom Design

This bedroom set is coming together one piece at a time! These two drawer nightstands are finished with a distressed cream color and made to match the bed frame and headboard. On to the final two pieces! #nikolausrusticwoodwork #whitewash #customwoodwork #bedroomset#rusticdetail #modernfarmhouse