Pedestal Dining Set

A recently completed project: this dining set features a 6-ft, two-tone pedestal leg dining table with a matching bench and 4 coordinating chairs. The bottom is finished in a country-white paint, and the top is stained in an espresso finish. The two colors contrast each other nicely and the turned legs tie everything together to provideContinue reading “Pedestal Dining Set”

Striped Oak Dining Table

This striped dining table was commissioned for a high-end interior design company in Milwaukee, WI – the process was detailed and a lot of fun! Catch a glimpse into a bit of the process that went into creating this intricate piece: The top was made of separate individual pieces of mixed red and white oak. WeContinue reading “Striped Oak Dining Table”

NRW Reclaimed Accent Wall

Newest install with NRW reclaimed wall cladding. This wall is made from reclaimed red pine and gives the space a unique character! If you’re in the market for an accent wall – look no further.  We offer complete install packages or if you’re more of a DIY-er, you can just purchase the material. Reclaimed boards comeContinue reading “NRW Reclaimed Accent Wall”

Contest Giveaway Winner . . . .courtesy of Lucy

Congrats to the winner of the #nikolausrusticwoodwork WI sign #giveaway! Be sure to subscribe to our #blog for all things NRW! … also – a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the contest by liking, commenting and sharing. As a small business, we definitely appreciate you helping us spread the word about whatContinue reading “Contest Giveaway Winner . . . .courtesy of Lucy”

Whitewash Dresser + Chest of Drawers

And that’s a wrap on the whitewash bedroom set! The last two pieces were delivered today, and are going to an awesome family to be showcased in a beautiful home! The final two pieces: a chest of drawers and a 7-drawer dresser were made to match the two night stands, king-size bed frame and theContinue reading “Whitewash Dresser + Chest of Drawers”

#SmallBusinessSaturday – a little contest and a whole lot of gratitude

As another #smallbusinesssaturday comes for us here at #nikolausrusticwoodwork, we reflect and couldn’t be more grateful to have customers and supporters like you! Every time you patronize one of these smaller shops, you are directly supporting a real, live person or family within your community. And quite predictably, we are so happy that you do. AsContinue reading “#SmallBusinessSaturday – a little contest and a whole lot of gratitude”

Follow Us! Kip > Brian

Some days you’re the Bad Luck Brian, some days you’re the Kip….as far as we go, we’re shooting for Kip. And beyond. Big dreams brewing here people. Okay but really, at this point you’re probably wondering what we’re even talking about; well, here it is: we’re hoping our wonderful supporters can do us a favorContinue reading “Follow Us! Kip > Brian”

Weathered Feature Wall – Before + After

An accent wall can enhance any space; but a reclaimed accent wall…that has a way of adding character and that extra WOW factor that paint or any other material just can’t achieve. This reclaimed weathered feature wall added beautiful texture and warmth to this space – insta-character that is totally one-of-a-kind. With a wall likeContinue reading “Weathered Feature Wall – Before + After”