Furniture and Home Decor

Custom furniture design and creation is our jam. Essentially the backbone of our business. We thrive on creating a unique + masterful piece that is designed specific to your vision. Be sure to check out each gallery for a small sampling of projects that have found their way into happy homes across the U.S.A. 🇺🇸 We pride ourselves on using quality products, built with love, that are created to last for years to come.


Follow the links below to find yourself lost in the land of custom-furniture-goodness.

〰️ Dining Tables 

〰️ Bedroom Sets + Headboards

〰️ Living Room + Barn Doors

〰️ Entryway Accents

〰️ Home Decor + Shelving

〰️ Kitchen + Bath

〰️ Custom Signs + WI Love

〰️ Outdoor Furniture

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